Cannes is about finding the innovative and progressive films. Thats what separates them from the Oscars. Cannes doesn't celebrate films based on how “good” or how well it did in the box office; Cannes looks for films that push cinema forward. Films that have something new to offer. They search for innovation. This project was to explore and study what it meant to depict innovation.

In order for me to illustrate how innovation is achieved, I knew it had to be an abstract concept. Innovation stems from a ‘good idea, I had to depict an intangible moment. Most innovative ideas don’t come to you fully packaged. It starts off with only a hint of an idea. You have to turn it over and wrestle with it until it becomes full bodied and complete. I found that by using layers and creating the illusion of ripping through a single photo, I was able to achieve a sense of depth and time. As each layer of the photo rips into another, the background scenery changes. The different backgrounds represent the different times and places where we draw inspiration. Each layer represents a moment where that “idea” is polished further until it reaches the last layer where the idea is now ‘innovative’. I was able to illustrate the journey it takes to get to innovation.