Currently working and living in Seattle, WA.  
A designer (like many others) who only wants to get better at the game. I love all things visual and want to get involved with anyone who is passionate about solving problems aesthetically. Currently, I'm bit by the Illustrative Design bug and want to work in creating work that feels organic and human. I'd like to find myself in a position where I am equally utilizing both illustrative and design skills in any given project. 

When I do go out into the world I probably love anything you'd enjoy. Coffee, hikes, parks, hangin' out. I guess you could appropriately categorize me as a millennial. I'm the kind of person who laughs during a situation that I know will be funny to talk about later.

Skype Social Media, AT&T, Office One Note, Lil' Woody's, CommonGrace, Purple Dragon Community Acupuncture, Bellevue Presbyterian Church, Drifting Doughnut, and many more.